For Candidates

We can find jobs at oChakri after completing registration at and log in.

Simple, you have to submit valid mail & a strong password and it’s done. It’s simple as that.

Most employers need a full description about the candidate. So if the candidate fillup minimum 90% of ochakri form then it will be look like a professional CVs.

Please follow the professional way to communicate with an employer with respect and concise messages which will make your presentation smart and to the point.

You have to complete your profile minimum 70% before applying for any jobs. It depends on the employer to accept if you’re qualified for the job or not.

For Employers

We are using a very high level of filter for employers, also we have a chat box so that an employer can easily find out the right candidate.

As an employer it will be better if you register by company’s official mail. We made a form for registration which is very easy to use. Just put the mail, create a password and it’s done. You can edit the profile later.

You can choose how the employee will contact you. Select the best option which will be the most convenient. Remember to check your ocChakri dashboard inbox and your company email.

Our Basic package is free and it’s best for starters. We recommend the ‘Basic’ package for SME and Enterprise for large corporations.